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Interior Painting Calgary | Why Choose Dynamic?

Interior Painting Calgary | Things go better with Dynamic

Interior Painting Calgary | Our team is pleased to share we were awarded the Calgary herald readers choice award for 2021/2022 in the category of painting, and are nominated for 2022/2023. As a premier painting company dedicated to providing quality painting products and customer service. We work with our clients, and have great tools to help us to design and implement the ideas you have for your project. it is important to us to deliver unparalleled workmanship on every project from a small stucco repair to full interior/ exterior painting services.

We can help you from houses to businesses, interior and exterior. Serving Calgary and surrounding area, we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote. We are service oriented and put our clients first with the reviews to back that statement. Our highly trained team has experience and knowledge with high quality paints and is equipped with the best tools to do the job right the first time.

advantages and disadvantages and other things that you need to know before making a final decision.

Some of our services include:

  • Move out repaints
  • Hallway and stairwell painting for Multi family dwellings
  • Ceiling Painting
  • Cabinet painting
  • Spray finishes: baseboards, casings, doors, built-ins, cabinets, ceilings
  • Sanding and patching of walls
  • On site color matching
  • Paint design services
  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting services
  • Free consultation
Interior Painting Calgary

Interior Painting Calgary | Faq's about our process!

Interior Painting Calgary

INTERIOR PAINTING CALGARY | COLOURS AVAILABLE: Paint can be colour matched to an existing colour, favourite colour or colour you have chosen from any paint manufacturer

· HOW IS IT APPLIED? All walls are prepared by filling nail holes, scratches, dents or other imperfections. The next step would be to clean and sand the walls in preparation for the new paint to adhere and leave the least amount of previous texture showing through.

· LONGEVITY: A properly chosen high quality paint can last a long time. This all depends on the make up of the paint and the purpose of the paint. We use top quality paints in our projects and treat your home as if it were ours.

· APPLICATION: Sanding is performed between every coat of paint applied on walls, railings, cabinets, and other non textured surfaces. We also spot prime all repairs in the materials we are painting before beginning the coating process. We have a policy of paint till solid. Some companies will paint interiors with a one coat or two coat process leaving some walls with transparency. We prefer to coat 2-3 or even 4 coats if needed to give you a true colour on your walls. We quote to have this done on every project.

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Interior Painting Calgary | PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE IS KEY


Interior Painting Calgary | Nobody can deny that the overall appearance of the room is heavily influenced by the look of the walls. It’s up to you whether the finish’s colour palette will be neutral or will dazzle everyone with its brightness, or perhaps with a colourful pattern, whether it will accent the interior or calm it down with grayscale.


Not long ago, we had no choice between whitewashing, painting (often in bright colours), and wallpapering to decorate our ceilings. You may come across completely identical snow-white ceilings in many apartments and houses. Because of the abundance of building and finishing materials available today, there are many more ways to finish ceiling surfaces. Furthermore, modern surface finishing materials enable the completion of a variety of tasks that were previously impossible to complete.


The lifetime of each material and element depends on its characteristics, as well as maintenance. Painting and varnishing of kitchen cabinets do more than aesthetics, it directly affects their longevity, if done correctly.

Interior Painting Calgary

Railings, Closets, Doors, Bookshelves...

Painting and varnishing carpentry is a job that requires proper preparation, which is why we recommend that you hire a professional. This work is not easy or quick; it requires a great deal of precision and patience, but it is rewarding. There are several approaches, but one thing they all have in common is preparation.

Some of the steps are:


  • Protect floor surfaces and joints before painting
  • Remove old paint
  • Sand the surface before painting
  • Damaged parts fill out with the gutter
  • Clean the dust before applying the substrate
  • Apply substrate in 3 layers and paint in 2 layers

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at marc@dynamiccalgary.ca if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Paint products can vary depending on the application you are using them for. For walls, we recommend a higher-quality interior acrylic eggshell paint. Some of the products we use from Dulux would be distinction, diamond and Liftmaster. Benjamin Moore's quality paints would be a scuff-x, Regal and Aura. Sherwin Willams, we recommend Emerald. These are good acrylic wall paint products. The eggshell finish for walls will allow for a more scrubbable surface. Any of these paints listed above are easy to touch up and apply. Higher quality paints will hold colour better and mark up much less.

With proper research and quality tools a homeowner can paint their interior. Preparation of surfaces is key before painting. Dynamic Painting is always available for free quotes and free advice on such projects. But, things go better with Dynamic!

In certain cases primer is necessary. The primer must be used on all unsealed drywall areas on ceilings, walls, and even raw wood should be primed before applying paint. Primer is also used for stain blocking.

Yes, you can paint over old paint. To hide any stains or if the colour change is drastic a primer or even tinted primer should be applied beforehand. Before painting over prepainted surfaces a cleaning of the walls with products like TSP should be done. Another method is to do good sand over the walls to prepare walls. This will help remove any larger texture from previous paint as well as etching the paint to allow a better bond to the older painted surface. 

We can only speak from the Dynamic way of painting. Masking is applied where needed, and floor coverings are laid. We prepare the walls by patching any imperfections ( dings, scratches, nail holes and other imperfections. ) Patches are then sanded and spot primed to add texture over the newly patched areas Walls are sanded to smooth the texture and rough edges. The first coat of paint is applied over wall areas. Walls are lightly resanded before the second coat is applied. If there is any bleed or imperfections in the wall we may sand and add a third coat of paint over the wall area.

Current trends for interior painting are white. White walls, white trims, white cabinets, white ceilings, with darker feature walls to offset the large amount of white. Lighter greys and beiges are also popular. 

To achieve a quality paint finish a house would take more than one day to finish, most times it will take several days and even weeks depending on the scope. 

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Benjamin Moore

Beniamin Moore has some great tools, tips and colour selection tools on their website to help you choose colors, and even visualize it in your space. The site even shows what will be trending for 2023!


Se Dulux’s perfect palette, semi- transparent/ solid stain colours, the trending colors for 2023, and much more.

Sherwin Williams

See some of the great design tools at Sherwin. Order colour samples online, peal and stick wall samples. See the upcoming trend and new products.

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